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Article 13920 Premium Ice Scraper Mitt


    Quilted outer layer for exceptionally soft feel
    Cotton core and fleece lining for extra warmth and comfort
    Durable scraper breaks through the toughest ice


 Article 15511 11” Talon™ Ice Scraper
    Contemporary, ergonomic styling with non-slip grip

    Patented 2-way, push-pull scraper design for faster removal of ice and frost

    Rubber grip for ultimate comfort
 Article 16621 11” Ice Crusher™ Scraper
    Two durable blades - one for frost, one for ice

    Extra wide 4 1/2” blade

    New ergonomic design makes removing frost and ice easier than ever
 Article 16250 10” Ice Ripper™ Scraper
    Built-in ice chippers break up tough ice

    Wide blade easily clears heavy frost

    Cushioned grip is comfortable to the hand when scraping
 Article 13014 10” Ice Chisel® Scraper
    Top performing product

    Patented 2-blades-in-1 design, ice chipping plus frost removal

    Leverage point for added power and comfort
 Article 1124F 11” Klondike™ Ice Scraper
    Cushioned grip is comfortable to the hand when scraping

    Oversized chippers for added ice breaking power

    Wide 4” frost clearing blade
 Article 16211 10” Ice Ripper™ Ergonomic Scraper
    Ergonomic, rounded handle for greater grip power

    More comfortable than traditional, flat scrapers

    Thumb “button” allows application of more pressure to the blade
 Article 16721 10” Bear Claw® Ice Scraper
    Flat, compact design for easy storage

    Most popular OPP scraper

    Wide 4” frost clearing blade
 Article 18424 FrostBiter™ Ice Scraper
    Convenient size - fits in your door pocket or glove box

    3-in-1 tool - includes scraper, chippers, squeegee

    Great for checkout counter